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QuickBooks - Payroll & HR Solutions

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Jeanine works with Intuit's Payroll vendor to help you set-up your payroll for employees (and your contractors for vendors and other non-employee workers) on a plan that is suitable for you. Once you are set up on a plan platform, you may enter your own payrolls each period, call the data into the payroll vendor, or engage Jeanine to enter the data for you.

Bundle Intuit QuickBooks (QBO) and bookkeeping with full-service plans that include the following options:

  1. Payroll Core + Simple Start ($75/mo)

  2. Payroll Core + Essentials ($105/mo)

  3. Payroll Premium + ($170/mo)

    If you just need payroll you can utilize full-service plans:

  4. Payroll Core ($45/mo)

  5. Payroll Premium ( $80/mo)

  6. Payroll Elite ($125/mo)

The sales department may be reached at 1-855-435-2591.

You may add payroll anytime by going to your software product if you already have QuickBooksOnline (QBO) by calling 1-833-207-5682, or if you already have QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) by calling 1-800-466-1412.

Full-service plans include assistance setting up and running your payrolls (and accounts payable for your contractors), as well as in direct depositing your required payroll taxes, and in preparing and e-filing your required payroll tax returns each quarter and annually. Your Form W-2s and Form 1099-NECs will be prepared and sent out for you by the required due dates as well.