Get to Know Accounting 4 Business LLC

Accounting 4 Business LLC is a corporate online accounting and bookkeeping service, with tax compliance support options.

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Jeanine Buben, MT, EA, doing business as (d/b/a) Accounting 4 Business LLC, provides remote accounting and bookkeeping services, integrated with tax compliance, year-round to corporations and other businesses on a contract basis. Her virtual business support services includes evaluation of company needs in an online accounting system on QuickBooks, or a remote accounting system operated from our offices. Owners can obtain optional monthly management or consulting of their accounting, with tax compliance services included for required tax obligations relevant to your business, industry, and owner preferences. Year-round client accounting includes monthly reconciliations of bank accounts and credit cards. Year-round clients get monthly check-up meetings to go over their financial statements and required tax returns, resulting in owners and managers being informed of their operational results and their tax liabilities (payroll taxes, sales & use taxes, property taxes, entity income taxes, owner income taxes) on a timely basis.

As a tax compliance expert, Jeanine helps business owners and managers determine their needs for online accounting and bookkeeping set-up and remote accounting management on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop software packages. Jeanine designs your chart of accounts to relate to your required payroll accounts and tax accounts. Your company can then utilize remote office management and other online accounting support for virtual accounting and coordinating with your payroll provider or payroll department, and for complying with tax requirements. You can get virtual help with outsourcing services or business vendors, or corporate or business consulting from Jeanine's accounting manager offerings.


Jeanine Buben, MT, EA, doing business as Accounting 4 Business LLC, specializes in corporate contract accounting and bookkeeping services, with tax compliance add-on support for corporations , trusts, higher education institutions, and business owners located in the USA. She can also provide in-person appointments and services for Colorado and Michigan office locations when available. These services, with virtual availability for busy owners and managers, are especially suited for small to medium businesses (SMBs) and large corporate departments requiring part-time accounting and bookkeeping assistance, corporate taxes or business taxes advisories, tax planning, and coordination of accounting and payroll functions to prepare required tax returns.

Tax compliance services (set-up of tax accounts, tax planning, tax preparation, tax review) are available for clients with year-round accounting engagements, tax planning & compliance plans, or year-round consulting contracts. We do not service "income tax only" clients, as Jeanine prefers to work with businesses and owners year-round, so that we know each other and Jeanine manages and maintains up-to-date knowledge of your corporate or business operational status.

Jeanine is an accountant / Enrolled Agent (EA) and experienced senior tax analyst, with has a network of software vendors and contractors. She provides "in the cloud" virtual/online consulting and teaching services, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, with accounting, business, finance, and paralegal expertise. Jeanine provides business solutions virtually, but clients in Colorado and Michigan can meet with her in-person locally at one of her physical locations at an Intelligent Office site or meet-up locations, and all USA clients can meet with Jeanine remotely via telephone and sometimes Zoom or similar audio visual technologies.


Jeanine serves organizations within the following industries: medical, healthcare, accounting & finance, hospitality, retail, trusts, higher education, trucking and transportation, music, legal, and other service-related industries..

Accounting/Finance Licenses and Certifications

The most common licenses related to public accounting are Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Enrolled Agent (EA). There are also many certifications that may be relevant to the accounting and financial services needed by your businesses and/or entities, that many of our vendors hold. Because Jeanine has a wide network of other accountants from her accountant associations, and attorneys from her legal/paralegal associations, she can provide referrals when specialists (attorneys with paralegals, financial planners, CPAs for audits) outside of herself are needed or obtain additional professionals to assist with large projects when needed.

Jeanine Buben is an Enrolled Agent (EA) federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury. She also holds degrees in accounting, finance, and prelaw/paralegal, with many years of business and teaching experience, from which to provide valuable consulting information.

Top Certifications in Accounting

The most popular accounting certifications & licenses include:


Jeanine Buben is an Enrolled Agent (EA) federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury. This qualifies Jeanine work in tax planning and taxpayer representation.

This license required passing a 15 1/2 hours examination over the US Tax Code, IRS procedures, and ethics. It is renewed every three years, with annual continued professional education credits, posted on the IRS professional directory.

Jeanine holds a current Professional Tax Preparer Identification Number (PTIN).

Her Enrolled Agent (EA) license along with annual continued education credits are shown in the registry of professional tax preparers.


Jeanine launched Accounting 4 Business LLC in 2023, so that corporations and corporate departments, could obtain remote or in-person online accounting and bookkeeping services, plus tax compliance services, on an ongoing year-round contract basis. Owners and managers can receive appointments and services between weekday openings and weekend openings, with occasional evening options.

Accounting 4 Business LLC assists owners with setting up their businesses with the following virtual services:

1) entity selection with pros and cons, to make an informed decision and learn the steps for establishing new entity of choice;

2) chart of accounts design for new business in Intuit QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop;

3) establishment of required tax accounts for income taxes, payroll taxes, sales & use taxes, property taxes, and/or any other relevant taxes for your business or the owners;

4) referrals for payroll services and set-up of payroll accounts;

5) referrals for accounting services, including bank reconciliations, and financial statements;

6) referrals for legal services, financial planning services, or other support services needed for your business;

7) hourly, monthly, or project consulting via appointments and engagements as determined from initial free needs evaluation by phone or in-person appointment.

Jeanine's current virtual corporate services include:

  • a secure portal with drag and drop features for confidential document exchange Monthly tax newsletter sent to clients via email marketing systems,

  • time-saving virtual tax appointments,

  • ability to meet virtually - monthly, quarterly, annually, or at any time as needed,

  • assistance installing or upgrading software to a cloud accounting system on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop products,

  • tax based design of accounting system chart of accounts.

Jeanine started a virtual (remote) consulting service for corporations, other businesses, trusts, and higher education entities, so that they did not need to leave their places of business in order to receive financial management set-up and online accounting support, UNLESS owners and managers prefer to meet in person. Jeanine offers a Master's of Taxation and Accounting Degree, an Enrolled Agent License granted by the US Department of the Treasury, and over 36 years of experience helping commercial clients with tax analysis and business accounting issues. Jeanine likes to teach, and providing online accounting and business consulting to owners and entities, which creates a mutually beneficial platform for both Jeanine and her clients.

Jeanine's 20+ years of business experience include ownership and management of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. (2018 - 2023) and Business Consulting & Taxation, Inc. (2009 - 2019), several years working for employers in the accounting & finance industry, and teaching in colleges, university, and adult education schools.