Request Appointment Assistance

Please e-mail appointments requests to or text to (616) 430-5231.
showing the appointment book

Jeanine can be contacted via e-mail at Jeanine can also be texted or voice-mailed at (616) 430-5231. Please leave your name, company, phone, and e-mail with all messages for a prompt response to your requests. DO state if you are experiencing an emergency or urgency, and Jeanine will call you back as quickly as possible, even on her days off.

Be sure to leave your name, company or entity, phone number, and e-mail for confirmation response.

You may request 3 - 4 times of your choice or request openings for a particular week or month to be e-mailed to you.

Jeanine will confirm the final confirmed time via e-mail. Jeanine will call you at the scheduled time unless you have requested an in-person meeting at one of Jeanine's office locations or meet-up sites, and the location has been confirmed by Jeanine in your appointment time e-mail confirmation.