Referrals Requested Please

Thank you for your support. Referrals mean the world to Jeanine!
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Referrals are Welcome!

Referrals are the cornerstone of any service business. Jeanine and this firm rely on satisfied clients as the primary source of new business, and your referrals are both welcome and most sincerely appreciated!

The BEST place on social media to post your recommendations is on under her Corporate Consultant at Accounting 4 Business LLC experience job. Jeanine will be glad to send you a LI form to post a recommendation on, but you do need a LI account with your name, position, company, and e-mail opened, in order to receive a LI invite to recommend Jeanine. THANK YOU in advance for your recommendations, as they are VERY APPRECIATED.

Absolute Confidentiality

Since your referrals are generally businesses and colleagues that you are acquainted with, you may have some concern that your business matters will be discussed with the new clients that you refer. Jeanine Buben, M, EA guarantees the confidentiality of client information. Your proprietary and personal, financial and tax data will not be shared with anyone else. Your engagement privacy is professionally kept between us, however your recommendations as to how I have helped you will help me in advancing to serve other clients if you are kind enough to post them on my LinkedIn profile at upon my sending a LI form for doing so.

An Expression of Confidence

When you refer clients to Jeanine, you are expressing your faith and confidence in the services that I offer and will continue or have provided in the past to you. You may have business associates who need professional business set-up, tax planning assistance, or management consulting assistance. No matter who you refer, rest assured that their corporate or business consulting needs will be handled in the same professional manner as yours have been.

Ask Them to Call Early

The appointments scheduler or Jeanine's e-mail may be utilized to book an initial appointment to evaluate your needs and provide subsequent suggested engagement with pricing options. Once services details are contracted for and retainer paid, then subsequent scheduling will take place on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays based on availabilty in the weekly schedules. Jeanine recommends that your referrals e-mail or text their requests for a free needs evaluation, and subsequent services as early as possible for the best selection of appointment times. Established clients will be informed on how to search for appointment times on the scheduler, and how and when are the best times to reach Jeanine when urgent concerns arise. Thanks again for your support with recommendations.