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Schedule an appointment today on the automated scheduler, by e-mailing or by texting to (616) 430-5231 or by clicking on the desired appointment type on the automated scheduler links. We are 100% remote, so all appointments are via telephone or teleconference, unless in-person arrangements have been made. All appointments require pre-payment for consulting, and in-person appointments additionally require room rental for the time frame desired, as we must be reimbursed the vendor fees for use of Intelligent Office conference rooms or day offices for specific clients. Confirmations are sent via e-mail. Fees are collected via e-bills sent to client e-mail boxes.

Click on type needed or email for assistance with finding a time or utilizing automated system.) Confirmations of appointments and services times, and e-bills, sent to client e-mail boxes.

For 8 hours or more services, please arrange directly with Jeanine at or (616) 430-5231.

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*Appointments are via telephone and confirmed via e-mail, unless in-person meetings at one of our locations is requested and confirmed via e-mail. Please note that in-person appointments in Colorado and Michigan are limited, and may not always be available at the location of your choice, due to Jeanine's working from multiple remote locations. Jeanine will be glad to personally assist you with scheduling in-person appointments as well as remote appointments via e-mail or text.

1) Fee-based hourly appointments are payable to Intuit e-bill for one-time clients, monthly clients, or project clients, in advance of appointment) for services not billed on a flat monthly basis for any topic such as bank reconciliations, payroll tax returns, other issues

2) Free of charge introductions with "needs evaluation" to companies requesting information, are followed by e-mailed offer with pricing options. Full-service, annually contracted clients, receive appointments built into their services contracts. Fees billed by Intuit e-bill for current clients are due upon receipt or by the specified due date. A $25 per month administration fee is added for payments taking more than a month to pay by clients. (There are discounts offered for clients contracting for 20 or more hours of services, or for multiple monthly services, once contract and retainer are received with signed/dated engagement letter.) Recommended tax compliance (tax planning, tax preparation) can be added to any full year services contract.

3) If you are experiencing an emergency or urgency, then please e-mail this to or text to (616) 430-5231 (Cell). Messages left on the office phones are answered within 48 business-open hours, but we try to respond to emergencies and urgencies faster whenever possible.

Payments for Phone Appointments

Please schedule a 15-minute call from Jeanine at to answer your questions, arrange engagement, and schedule service time(s). E-bills from Intuit QuickBooks Billing will be sent upon booking your appointments. E-bills must be paid prior to start of services, with incremental progress billings for projects and monthly services, per engagement type.

The initial needs evaluation with engagement proposal plus pricing estimate, is free of charge, but must be scheduled via the automated scheduler or via e-mail request.

Actual services will NOT be commenced until an engagement letter is signed/dated and requested retainer is paid. Subsequent services require payment (normally in advance of requested services) and appointments (confirmed via e-mail) to ensure a place in weekly schedules. Once your services contract is completed, then your company and/or owners are covered under our professional liability policy.

Appointments are required and Jeanine cannot service drop-ins or unscheduled phone calls for spontaneous services. Please leave messages via e-mail at or via text at (616) 430-5231. Jeanine will call you at your scheduled time, and large groups can be scheduled for video conferences with a provider such as Zoom or via in-person conference rooms, for remote appointments and services. Jeanine will meet you at the agreed time and location if an in-person appointment or service has been scheduled and confirmed by Jeanine via e-mail. Routine messages and questions may be sent via e-mail or text.

Contact Jeanine Buben, MT, EA

(616) 430-5231 (Offices)

(616) 430-5231 (Cell) (Jeanine Direct)