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I worked with Jeanine and Remote Business Solutions, Inc. for two-plus years. She was extremely helpful with navigating the tax laws of Colorado and small businesses. As Jeanine continues now as an independent contractor, I recommend her highly and her wide background of knowledge and expertise.

- Mary Krystinak - Owner of Mary's Wholesome Living, Ltd.Owner of Mary's Wholesome Living, Ltd

Highly Recommended! Jeanine has been our tax accountant since 2020. She is a true professional and is very knowledgeable of the tax laws. She has guided and helped me with both my personal and start up business taxes.

I am very grateful for her guidance on how to set up my preschool business and bookkeeping for easy accounting. Jeanine explains the changing rules in terms that I can understand and makes tax filing painless.

I have also used her consultation services for various things like advice on HR staffing issues, tax planning, bookkeeping training and I am currently having her consult on a new business venture. She is very knowledgeable and honest in everything she does. I'm not sure where I would be without her, honestly Jeanine is my superstar Enrolled Agent (EA)!

Thanks for all the help Jeanine!

- Bina Mehta - Director at Shapes of Tomorrow Montessori Preschool

I am writing in re: to my professional accounting/tax work performed by Jeanine Buben. I have always been satisfied with the results of her experienced work and her work ethics. I was initially drawn to working with her by her impressive depth of tax knowlwdge and certifications, and fortunately with her excellent guidance and filings, I've never had to test her knowledge in front of an IRS audit! I believe Jeanine's earnestness to "do the right thing" lends a great attitude to a somewhat mundane and often confusing tax code. I'm sure furture clients will discover similar benefits in her work. Joseph Bieker M.A., Health Haus, LLC

- Joe Bieker - Sales Executive at Health Haus LLC

Jeanine has been my tax accountant for several years. She has a great depth of tax law knowledge and stays current on changes to tax law. She is timely and thorough and I look forward to working with her in the years to come. Sincerely, Kevin Palcic - KMP Consulting LLC

- Kevin Palcic - SAP FI/CO Consulting

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeanine for over 10 years. First when we were both students at Metro State University and later working together with her at Business Consulting and Taxation, Inc. Jeanine has extensive knowledge of and experience with US Federal taxes and the tax codes of several states, including Colorado. She is also a very good general accountant with many years of GAAP interpretation and implementation experience. Jeanine continues to update her skills, going far beyond the continuing education requirements. I am confident in saying she truly enjoys learning and stays at the top of her profession. I heartily recommend Jeanine.

- Kevin George- Tax Accountant at Harford Tax Service

I own a small business and have had Jeanine do my corporate and personal tax returns each year since 2005. I trust her expertise. I am looking forward to working with Jeanine on financial management and investment this year. I would highly recommend Jeanine if you are in need of a tax preparer who will work her hardest to limit your tax liability.

- Cheryl Ansel - Vice President at Drain Solvers-the pros, inc.

My name is Joseph Zubricky. For several years I was a collegue professor of Jeanine at the Everest College - Thornton campus. My family used Jeanine's superb services since 2008 for our Properties and Personal Income Taxes. Her knowledge of Corporate, Real Estate and Personal taxes is extraordinal. Jeanine helped us to save hundreds of dollars through her creativity and linking different areas of our income to flawless income tax - year after year. We appreciate her personal consultation on every issue and realy low cost service to us.

- Joseph Zubricky Instructor III at Everest College

Jeanine is professional, intelligent, and very easy to work with. She is very detail and goal oriented which makes her an excellent business and tax professional. Her attention to detail keeps her very up to date as to the current legislation regarding taxation. (BCT, Inc. is an accounting firm specializing in taxation and payroll compliance). I have worked directly for Jeanine at Business Consulting & Taxation, Inc. for a year as a full time employee and have been very pleased with our interactions. Jeanine takes a very personalized approach to client development, tailoring her contracts and work styles to each of their individual business needs. She is hard working and very capable.

- George Lowe - Marketing and Sales Specialist at Business Consulting & Taxation, Inc.

Jeanine really went the extra mile with her students at Everest! She brought a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, which was incredibly useful to her students. She is a dedicated instructor who sincerely cares about her students' success.

- Mary Pat McKenna - Education - Accounting - Online Teaching & Learning Professional

My beloved teacher, thank you for being a second mother to us, your giving unconditional love and patience, thank you for choosing teacher as your profession and sharing your knowledge with us. Aside from our parents you're the one who molds what I am now. I promise to share the knowledge you taught me and I it will remain on my mind forever, all your effort will be worth it as I will try to be the best in whatever I'm doing with you as my inspiration.

- Vianey Villalobos - Office Operation Manager at Michael's Roofing

Jeanine is very knowledgeable and very dedicated in what she does. Her knowledge and expertise is a great benefit to who she works with.

- PorTria Lee - Data Entry/Accounts Payable

Jeanine Buben-Croy worked with me as a colleague at ATBS and provided excellent advice and guidance in the service of clients facing significant challenges. In addition to having a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, Jeanine demonstrated sound judgement and sensitivity in managing client relationships of all types. I heartily recommend her without hesitation. Tristram Coffin, CMC (Certified Management Consultant)

- Tris Coffin, CMC - Certified Management Consultant ("CMC*") at Institute of Management Consultants, USA

I would like to recommend Jeannine as a working partner on projects that require focus and completing the task to the end. Jeanine's energy and dedication are exemplary.

- Susan Spancers - Investment Adviser - 401k Rollover Specialist - Retirement Distribution Specialist - Retirement Plans

Jeanine is an excellent professor. She explains the material thoroughly and is very knowledgeable about business accounting. Her teaching methods make the material easy and fun to learn. I enjoyed taking Accounting I with Jeanine and look forward toAccounting II!

- Will Rubey - Entrepreneur

To Whom it May Concern: I am writing a recommendation for Jeanine Buben-Croy, who has been an associate of mine for about 10 years. She has worked as the President of AFWA, as Iwell as the Vice President and many other positions on the Board of Directors with me. She is someone who is extremely reliable, easy to work with, comes up with fabulous ideas, and leads our organization with dedication to detail. She is outgoing and has taken me under her wing on many occasions and assisted me with my job to reach the origanization's goals. She is easy to approach and fun to be around. Jeanine was diligent when it came to studying for the EA exam and carried her books everywhere she went, sharing what she learned along the way and bringing meaningful suggestions to our group. I would highly recommend Jeanine for any position due to her positive attitude and ability to get the job done. Kate McCarthy, Dynamic Corporate Travel.

- Kate McCarthy - Corporate Travel Specialist

Jeanine is a wonderful person. Extremely detail oriented. Very smart. Well connected. Knows how to get things done. Willing to fit in on a very strong leadership team. Astute. Well rounded. And best of all, a sincere pleasure to work with.

- John R. Dundon II, EA - President at Taxpayer Advocacy Services, Inc.

A number of times, Jeanine and I burned the midnight oil to complete large complex and detailed brokerage analyses and reports for the name litigation partner at Roath & Brega, P.C. in support of securities litigation clients. Jeanine's dedication to detail in producing superior work products and insightful analyses, coupled with her pleasant and professional attitude, made it possible to provide high-quality results on deadline while having an enjoyable time doing so. I highly recommend Jeanine, and would be happy to work with her again.

- Pam Midboe - Technical Writer at TransUnion Healthcare; Desktop Publisher / Proofreader / Technical Writer at PurpleLoon LLC

Jeanine is very articulate and precise in her teaching style. She genuinely cares about her students understanding the material being taught. I would strongly recommend Jeanine in any and all endeavors that she persues. She uses sound judgment, follows through with what she promises and is genuinely concerned for her students.

- Jeanette Buschman - Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

I worked with Jeanine for a year as a full time employee at American Truck Business Services (ATBS) which is a public accounting firm specialized in the trucking/trans-portation industry. Jeanine was brought in on a contract basis to help the company with its heavy load of clients who were in trouble with the IRS and thus needed representation. As a Senior Tax Analyst/Accountant, I was assigned to help Jeanine with any problems she might encounter. The reason I was assigned to work with Jeanine was because the Tax Manager didn’t have any faith in a contractor doing the representation work. He couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Jeanine was professional in all her endeavors, often surpassing the original contract terms and far surpassing the needs of the company. Jeanine went out of her way, often staying late into the next morning, not only completing her work but the work of others as well. Jeanine even built a database that included all aspects of all the client’s particulars and kept each client updated so that the tax manager could see at any given time where the progress on any particular client was. I found Jeanine a delight to work with. Her strong knowledge of tax, strong representation skills with the IRS, integrity and client support are beyond reproach. Her dedication to making the tax department’s job easier was simply aI inspiring. I would recommend Jeanine to any tax department who is in need of a truly fantastic Tax Accountant/Enrolled Agent as well as an accomplished team player.

- Gil Yardeny - Owner at D & G Tax Business Services, LLC

I have worked with Jeanine for several years now and her tax advice for my company has been outstanding.

- Kevin Palcic - SAP FI/CO Consulting

Jeanine's knowledge and expertise in her field is the perfect support to me as a professional. Her depth of knowledge and organization makes it easy to get the job done. I highlyrecommend her as a top member of your professional team.

- Ann Sabus - Owner, halo salon

Jeanine helps me with both business consulting and tax issues. She has made difficult concepts more understandable and provides patient service. My records are now more organized and my accounting more manageable. I highly recommend Jeanine as a tax accountant and business consultant for any company seeking compliance and management support.

- Joan Lipinski - Owner at Misteren Graphics

Jeanine was vital in organizing both my personal and business finances. She is quick, accurate and a pleasure to work with.

- Matt Dhieux - CEO/Founder Yard Sale For the Soul

Jeanine gives her full undivided attention to the task at hand. She is very detailed oriented and thorough. Completes the job within budget.

- Sarah Stejskal - Coffee at Sivan Enterprises

I worked with Jeanine at Front Range Community College where we were both Adjunct Instructors in Accounting. We prepped our class together so that we would deliver the same message to our respective classes at the same time and in accordance with class curricula. I know her to be well organized and she takes pride in delivering a quality product.

- Phillips Steven R - Sr. Stakeholder Liaison at Internal Revenue Service

Jeanine helped me with a multitude of tax questions and provided guidance while I set up my own Independent Consulting business. She is very thorough and reliable.

- Kevin Palcic - SAP FI/CO Consulting

I worked extensively with Jeanine on many projects when we both took Advanced Auditing at Metropolitan State College in Denver. Her knowledge of accounting and tax is broad as well as very deep. She always displayed professionalism and was a great pleasure to work with. Jeanine is also an accomplished speaker, she more than carried her weight in presenting class projects. She and I have continued to keep in touch and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her.

- Kevin George - Tax Accountant at Harford Tax Service
Alignable Small Business Network

Jeanine is absolutely wonderful. We recently connected through Alignable for a mutually beneficial partnership and she has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait for us to build up our mutual client base and refer my clients to Jeanine for their business needs!

- Amity Christie - ADP

Nice work!

- Jacque Strode - My Blue Jeans Bookkeeping

Very nice and prompt with every message.

- Annette Johnson - AGJ Insurance Agency

Very Informative, nice and helpful.

- Andrea Morgan - NightTime Owl Cleaner

Jeanine has helped me navigate all the tax and accounting information needed for our small business. She is a wealth of information and always willing to answer questions.

- Mary Krystinak - Mary's Wholesome Living LTD

We moved to Colorado earlier this year from Illinois and were in need of help setting up our business. Jeanine has been wonderful and detailed in getting us up and running. She is always open for questions and knows taxes inside and out.

- Mary Krystinak - Mary's Wholesome Living LTD

Yes absolutely recommend Jeanine because she is not only highly qualified but also has extensive experience and is eager to help. What I also like about Jeanine is that she is ready to make connections happen! I look forward to getting to know you more!!

- Katie Klenner - Health and Wealth Consultant / Tilton NH

A number of times, Jeanine and I burned the midnight oil to complete large complex and detailed brokerage analyses and reports for the name litigation partner at Roath & Brega, P.C. in support of securities litigation clients. Jeanine's dedication to detail in producing superior work products and insightful analyses, coupled with her pleasant and professional attitude, made it possible to provide high-quality results on deadline while having an enjoyable time doing so. I highly recommend Jeanine, and would be happy to work with her again.

- Pam Midboe - Technical Writer at TransUnion Healthcare; Desktop Publisher / Proofreader / Technical Writer at PurpleLoon LLC

"Jeanine is a highly professional business person, and very dedicated to the community. A wonderful mentor!"

- Barry Raphael - Lumonics School of Light Art

"I am treasurer of our state professional organization and Jeanine was always ready and willing to help us in promoting our educational events (so your tax professionals can be on the top of their game!). Jeanine is someone I personally trust, and that is important when handing over sensitive financial information. If you choose to work with Jeanine, you are making a good choice."

- Dan Bosler - Affordable Accounting Assistance

I took a beginning Accounting/Booking class from Jeanine in 1997 which provided an excellent foundation for my Brokerage practice. Jeanine has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts. Highly recommend!

- Wayne Wright - Business Broker and Business Coach

I have worked with Jeanine on my household income tax returns for the past six years, Jeanine is knowledgeable, always current on the tax code, detailed oriented (as needed) and courteous to work with. I give her the highest rating for her competence, professionalism and collaborative style. I have been highly pleased with her work and look forward to working with her (again) on the 2020 tax year return...

- Randy Verret
Business Consumer Alliance

Business Consulting & Taxation, Inc has been doing my personal and business taxes since late 1990's. Jeanine is professional, very knowledgeable and has a good personality. She's always available and answers questions very quickly and thoroughly. At this point she's a good friend. I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

- Joan L. - Owner Misteren Graphics

Business Consulting & Taxation does my annual taxes. When I started my independent business about 11 years ago Jeanine has been the one to file my taxes. I have always just dealt with Jeanine she is always prompt and meets her word by getting things done. She keeps me well informed with what is going on and explains everything clearly. It depends on who is asking and why but if someone asked me who I used for my taxes I would definitely give them Business Consulting & Taxation's name and contact information.

- Kevin P.

Jeanine has been my business accountant for at least 8 years. She's wonderful and extremely professional. I definitely recommend her services. She's very thorough, efficient and upfront.

- Cheryl A.

Jeanine has been filing my individual taxes for 3 or 4 years. She's there when you need her, gives good advice on what to do or not to do. She's always helped me take care of my taxes without a problem. I do recommend her services and have recommended her to a few people already.

For the past 3 years Jeanine has done our individual taxes, along with our partnership tax returns. She does a great job! She's really good at the details with the business expenses. We like that I can get a hold of her even after our business hours. I have definitely recommended her services to family members and will continue to so.

- Vianey V.

Jeanine has from Business Consulting & Taxation has done my business taxes and bookkeeping for about 1 year. She's great! She's super communicative and she's an expert in the space that she practices in.

- Sean D.

When I leave them I don’t have any more questions than I came in with. They are thorough. She is very good at what she does and is very nice. The Federal Government has not called me yet so she is doing good. She has not made any mistakes that I am aware of. She even cooked me to dinner one night since I was late at her office going over paperwork. She shared her dinner with us. My banker recommended her services and I have been together for about 2-3 years. I would absolutely recommend her.

- Ronny S.

I would endorse Business Consulting and Taxation. Jeanine is timely with preparation of our documents. Usually communicative and customer service oriented. I would give her a very strong recommendation as far as services she provides for the cost. She has a great value orientation. She is one of the better competitively priced accountants that I have found over the years. She is very thorough and complete with the way she handles her work product and easy to work with. She is busy at times, but prompt at getting back to us. We can access our documents through her website portal and pull documents off which is a good thing. We used her services for the last 3 years for our small business and I have been very satisfied with her services to date.

- Randy V.

I have been with Business Consulting & Taxation for 6 years. I am treated with understanding and dignity. Jeanine goes above the call of duty to take a personal interest in my unique tax situation. She goes out of her way to explain the different deductions and will come back to ask for additional information in case I did not cover everything. She will look for all of the deductions I can take to reduce my tax bill. She is very thorough and positive and tries to explain things in a way you would understand. She has a lot of integrity and takes personal interest in me. Follow up is ongoing throughout the year on different things that should be put on my radar like with changes in the tax law. Also, she follows up with the tax deadlines that come up and offers me a discount if I respond within a certain time. There is constant communication. I was looking for a new tax consultant in the Northwest corridor where I live. Her name came up and I chose her because she has a Masters degree in tax and is an Enrolled agent. I have not had any issues at all. She has everything ready for you and has been able to streamline everything which saves me time. I would recommend her services.

- Lisa R.