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Jeanine's client needs analysis with engagement proposal and pricing options costs $0, and is conducted over the telephone upon request to or texted to (616) 430-5231. (E-mailed engagement offer and/or referrals follow needs analysis within a few days of evaluation.) Be sure to include your name, company or entity, phone number, and e-mail for confirmation of telephone appointment time.

Current online accounting, online payroll and/or contractors management, and remote tax compliance plans include multi-services annual plans options: (select three or more annual services on a signed and dated engagement letter offer to get a package discount)

1) Business office set-up ($150 flat fee for all of the below services as needed)

a) Accounting set-up based on industry and entity type

b) Payroll and/or contractors accounts payable set-up for your workers

c) Tax compliance set-up for your entity and the owners (payroll taxes, sales & use taxes, property taxes, corporate or other entity income taxes, owners' income taxes, other required taxes)

2) Manage or advise your employees to complete operational tasks for each month or quarter (price varies by selection below and frequency desired)

a) Monthly online accounting including coding transactions to financial reports as uploaded or downloaded from clients or their financial institutions ($200 per month completed or $2,400 per year)

b) Monthly payroll submissions to payroll manager and/or monthly contractor submissions to accounts payable manager ($100 per month up to 50 workers or $1,200 per year; additional workers $5 each per month)

Payroll managers and/or accounts payable managers from your payroll vendor will charge their fees in addition to our services.

c) Quarterly estimated tax payment calculations required for corporations and self-employed owners based on income as it is earned and shown on client quarterly profit & loss statements or tax software projections ($150 per quarter)

d) Reconciliation of bank accounts and credit cards ($150 per month for four accounts per month or $1,800 per year; additional accounts $25 each per month)

e) Monthly telephone meeting to go over financial reports ($160 per month or $1,920 per year)

3) Tax compliance management, tax return preparations, & tax reviews (price varies with types of returns and frequency of preparations as follows)

a) Payroll tax returns (federal, state, local) package ($225 per quarter set plus $75 for annual set, or $975 per year)

b) Sales & use tax returns ($75 for each federal, state, local set per month, quarter, or annually)

c) Property tax returns ($75 apiece)

d) Corporate (C, S, PC, PHC, other) income tax return set ($550 per each federal, state, local set per year)

e) Partnership or two or more member LLC income tax return set ($450 per each federal, state, local set per year)

f) Proprietorship or one-person LLC on personal income tax return Schedule C, E, F ($100 per company) &/or Schedule SE for self-employment taxes

g) Owner personal income tax return with standard deduction ($225 per owner or employee) ($225 per owner)

h) Owner personal income tax return with itemized deductions on Schedule A or 1 &/or Schedule B for interest and dividends reporting ($325 per owner)

i) Dependent of business owner personal income tax return ($25 per owner dependent with earnings reporting requirement)

j) Trust or estate income tax return ($550 for each federal, state, local package)

k) Gifts tax return ($75 for each federal, state, local return)

l) Depreciation schedule ($150 for up to ten assets; $10 for each additional asset)

m) Required long form or schedule ($75 each)

n) Required short form or schedule) ($25 each)

o) Review of tax department client returns or owner prepared owner returns ($60 per hour)

p ) Tax planning with estimated tax payments and options education ($160 per hour)

q) IRS &/or state/local taxpayer representation (tax audit, tax payment plan, offer-in-compromise, IRS letters, tax lawyer paralegal assistance) ($2,500 retainer and $225 per hour services fee as needed; initial charges come from retainer before additional funding is invoiced)

PLEASE NOTE: Charges due from the taxpayer to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) &/or state/local departments of revenue must be paid to the appropriate governmental entities outside of our representation services fees when required by such authorities. If working with a tax attorney, attorney fees are SEPARATELY BILLED from our Enrolled Agent (EA) fees &/or tax paralegal fees.

4) Discount options (select one annual plan discount choice from the below options) PLEASE NOTE: the discounts below are ONLY available for annual service plan clients.

a) Monthly clients selecting three or more services each month or annually get 20% off of annual package after receipt of retainer and signed/dated engagement letter. Subsequent monthly invoices must be paid by the specified due dates in order to avoid additional vendor services fees.

b) Quarterly clients selecting three or more services each quarter or annually get 10% off of annual package after receipt of retainer and signed/dated engagement letter. Subsequent quarterly invoices must be paid by the specified due dates in order to avoid additonal vendor services fees.

c) Hourly clients utilizing individually selected hourly services get either prepaid hours discounts or 15% off of hourly rates after pre-paing for 40 hours or more of services with hours NOT expiring with current year end. This is like a pre-paid punch card of hourly services of client's choice as needed.