Client Types Served

Jeanine provides online scheduling for client appointments and services.
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Jeanine Buben, MT, EA and Accounting 4 Business LLC, provides virtual office support and online business management for online accounting and bookkeeping systems on QuickBooks, and tax compliance services for year-round accounting and tax compliance clients. She helps accounting firms, law firms, corporations, corporate departments, not-for-profits, trusts, governmental entities and higher education institutions. Industries served include accounting & finance, legal, retail, transportation & trucking, music, governmental, not-for-profit, and other services industries.

Jeanine helps clients in need of determining QuickBooks products to utilize or purchase software licenses for, as well as companies that are already using a QuickBooks platform for their accounting and/or payroll and vendor payable functions. Clients may purchase their own online or desktop QuickBooks software licenses, or utilize our remote service of managing your accounting on our company licensed software. Jeanine will design your accounting system chart of accounts to reflect your specific business, industry, and required payroll and tax accounts. She will recommend that clients add annual tax compliance services (set up required tax accounts, set up a payroll vendor to handle employees, set up a vendors payable to handle contractors, analyze required taxes, manage estimated tax payments and tax return filings) to their annual services contract engagement. Taxpayer representation services (audits, tax payment plans, offers in compromise, extensions of time to pay or file, back due tax returns), if ever needed, are provided through additional engagement contracts and are NOT part of normal tax compliance services.

Once needs are evaluated in a telephone interview, Jeanine will e-mail a services offer with pricing options. Jeanine will not start services nor advise clients unless clients have signed/dated an engagement letter with selected services initialed, and paid the requested retainer. Agreed upon services will continue as long as subsequent monthly e-billed invoices are paid on time and in full when due. Clients have no obligation to accept services or make payments to our company, unless they have a services contract with us or have utilized our services, or we have purchased a vendor product or service on your behalf based on your request to do so or your expressed intentions for us to do so.