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Please schedule a free 15-minute phone call for a “business services evaluation” if Jeanine’s comprehensive philosophy of accounting services appeals to you.
The desk of an accountant which has a laptop, graphs, and a calculator on it

Jeanine will ask you questions about your business or entity, your goals, and your concerns. It may be helpful for you to have your most recent annual P & L, and current date balance sheet, along with your most recently filed copy of your entity income tax and payroll tax returns, available during this conversation. Jeanine will then be glad to send a follow-up e-mail within the next two business days, proposing a services plan and including estimated costs, for your consideration.

Please note, that there is NO contract for services established UNLESS you choose to sign/date the proposed engagement letter, and you pay the e-bill for the recommended retainer which is credited to your services account. Jeanine will be glad to talk with you during a scheduled telephone needs evaluation call to answer your services questions and concerns.