Core Concepts of Jeanine's Philosophy

Jeanine provides expert advice and guidance to clients on tax planning, compliance, and resolution strategies year-round.
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This must include the set-up and/or reorganization of your company’s or entity’s general ledger to accommodate your required tax liabilities, fixed assets tracking, accounts receivables, accounts payables, industry considerations, and owner preferences. We do NOT take “tax only” clients, and especially not “income tax only” clients, because we prefer to know our clients and their businesses or entities as well as possible. Any business owner or manager who thinks that once a year is enough to confer with an accountant or even an unlicensed income tax preparer, is not a good fit for our firm and is doing themselves a disservice as well.

Jeanine utilizes Intuit (QuickBooks), Drake Tax, Intelligent Office, ADP, and occasional other contractors, in addition to her own accounting services, to service her year-round accounting clients. We do not have any employees. We keep our costs down for us and our clients, by utilizing a minimum of administrative and software costs, and by only charging additional fees for specialty services requested by clients (such as in-person appointment spaces). The software companies that we contract with, provide us with IT services for our client accounts, so any issues are resolved quickly and seamlessly to clients in the background, outside of the accounting and consulting done by Jeanine for our clients. Our systems are backed up routinely, and we operate with a security plan and a secure file exchange for client communications and transfer of client documents to us, and of reports for client review to clients. You are welcome to ask questions about our protocols and services, during a free scheduled telephone appointment, to evaluate your services needs and concerns. Please use the automated scheduler on this website, and put in the memo line of the request “needs evaluation”. Jeanine looks forward to speaking with you.