"Outsourced" Accounting Described

What is business contract "outsourced" accounting?
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Jeanine Buben, MT, EA, doing business as Accounting 4 Business LLC provides online accounting and bookkeeping services, with recommended integrated tax planning and tax compliance support, for corporate departments, businesses, and owners. Assistance can be 100% remote and virtual, but can include some in-person (check availability on automated scheduler or by messaging Jeanine) appointments / services for clients in Colorado and Michigan.

Business accounting services provided include relevant combinations of remote accounting office support services: virtual assistance, cloud management, payroll services, HR consulting, accounting management, consulting online, research, tax advisory, tax law, and business consulting. Companies may utilize office management and remote work support such services as:

  • Monthly online accounting and bookkeeping set-up and/or management

  • Monthly virtual payroll / contractors set-up and/or management

  • Remote tax analyst support functions of tax research, tax planning, tax preparation/review for businesses.

  • Internet communications with taxing authorities and interviews with clients and/or their customers.

  • Virtual assessments of and determination needs for software programs by clients.

  • Online accounting and bookkeeping set-ups of integrated financial systems between client bank accounts and QuickBooks

  • Online or QuickBooks Desktop Software platforms.

  • Online analysis and coding of downloaded/uploaded transactions from bank or secure file exchange client cloud folders to financial statement (report) accounts.

  • Remote communicating with Internet technology (IT) vendors and contractors such as Intuit, Pay Cycle, and Drake to process financial data and resolve deposit and posting issues for tax payments and tax returns.

  • Vendor IT support programming procedures and communicating with provider staff for add-on services of payroll / contractors, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset management, tax payments, and tax return preparation.

  • Utilizing financial reports and tax documents to process electronic tax payments, prepare tax returns, and electronically file (e-file) tax returns for business income, employment, sales & use, and other purposes.

  • Managing secure file exchange accounts, e-mail news services, social media postings, and editing/writing for multiple publications.

  • A secure portal with drag and drop features for confidential document exchange

  • Monthly business tax newsletter sent to clients via email marketing systems

  • Time-saving virtual tax appointments

  • Ability to meet virtually - monthly, quarterly, annually, or at any time as needed, or in-person at one of our office or meet-up sites via appointment when face-to-face meetings are needed

  • Assistance installing or upgrading QuickBooks software to a cloud accounting system on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop products

  • Tax based design of online accounting and system chart of accounts, with tax accounts, payroll accounts, and contractor or vendor accounts payable integration

  • Virtual tax planning -- quarterly or monthly

Jeanine Buben, MT, EA provides the following virtual office services with specific selections designated in client annual engagement letter:

HR and Payroll -- Consulting, Set-Up and Advisory

Jeanine can provide you with the forms required for HR set-up and maintenance, while assisting you with what must be completed by you and your employees. She can help with ongoing issues, such as online HR and payroll support, or communicating with payroll vendors, as needed. Referrals are available for benefits such as medical insurance, workers compensation insurance, employee income tax preparation, and retirement plans.

Tax Set-Up and Tax Advisory -- Tax Compliance Management

Jeanine can provide your company and its owners with tax compliance set-up and review for employer & payroll taxes, corporate income taxes, shareholder income taxes, employee income taxes, property taxes, sales & use taxes, and other taxes, as required. Relevant tax accounts can be put into the design of your accounting software chart of accounts for tracking and transfer to appropriate required tax returns. Tax payments can also be set up to be tracked within your accounting software.

Jeanine can assist your corporate tax department with tax return reviews for you and/or your clients. She can supervise tax preparers and/or train them. Jeanine has previously worked with tax software packages and research libraries:

Drake, ProSystems FX, Vertex Sales & Use, Intuit Turbo Tax, Intuit Pro Series, H & R Block, CCH IntelliConnect, Kleinrock’s, LexisNexis, WestLaw, Other miscellaneous.

Technical Writing

Jeanine can provide writing services for tax compliance, paralegal assistance for licensed attorneys, business communications, and other virtual research and analysis services for your company. Her expertise includes knowledge of accounting, economics, finance, paralegal, payroll, and taxation topics. She can write reports, business memorandums, legal memorandums, interrogatories, pleadings, and more. Research as required, and editing, are included in all writing projects.

Jeanine utilizes Microsoft Office products including MS Word for writing.

Corporate Training or Business Classes

Jeanine is an experienced college/university professor and adult education instructor. Her 23+ years of teaching and training adults, along with 3+0 years of business administration, prepared her for assisting professionals in the corporate environment with business skills and business information to assist with their effective management of business operations.

Payroll Services Set-Up and Vendor Management

Jeanine can assist you with the requirements for setting up online HR and payroll support services, and selecting a payroll vendor to run your payrolls. She can assist you with how to pay your payroll taxes and withholdings to governmental authorities, and determine what tax filings and returns you are required to make for your business. (The Intuit and ADP vendors that Jeanine currently coordinates with setting up online HR and payroll support services are Intuit and ADP.)

Editing and Writing

Jeanine utilizes both spell checks and visual reviews of client writing projects, for appropriate grammar and spelling. She reviews format of documents to confirm that organization of the writing project is appropriate for the type of document at hand. Standard formats for legal templates and financial forms follow the required protocols and industry standards. Owners and managers should provide any special instructions required by their company as well.

Technical Support

Jeanine can assist you with your technical questions about tax compliance and payroll compliance. She can help with many software issues in QuickBooks Online (QBO), QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), Drake Tax, ProSystems fx, and possible other software packages. Intuit QuickBooks, Drake Tax, and other network vendors provide the IT support staff for client services through their IT departments and customer service representatives if clients utilize their software services and product packages.

Online Research

Jeanine is experienced in online research and analysis for legal assistance and business assistance. She can utilize most private research services owned by you, and several online public legal and paralegal support research services, as needed to resolve your issues or to inform you of requested information.

Research may be summarized into reports or memorandums, as requested, or as appropriate for your requirements.

Virtual Assistance

Jeanine can access Internet services from all of her office locations as needed. Clients can receive virtual assistance with their accounting software systems in Intuit QuickBooks online and from our company done accounting via secure file exchange. Tax compliance questions, tax reviews, accounting system (chart of accounts) set-up and revisions, and more, can be done online or remotely without having to come to a service office in person. Appointments are required, and meetings may be done via telephone or audio-visual means.

Project Management or Project Assistance

Jeanine can assist your tax department with remote project management, review of tax returns or supervision and/or training of tax preparers. Her 20 plus years of tax compliance experience, and tax compliance education, provides expertise that can be drawn on for a variety of corporate tax issues, owner issues, and client issues.

Jeanine can also coordinate you and your employees in setting up the payroll compliance forms to run your online HR and payroll support functions. Jeanine can coordinate your selection of payroll/human resources vendors, and get you established with these providers once your required forms are completed by you as the employer, and by your employees. In the event that your company utilizes contractors, Jeanine can also coordinate your completion of the required forms to set up accounts payable for your contractors, and assist in setting up the accounts payable function in your Intuit accounting software to track the contractors, and to identify and prepare any required Forms 1099 at the end of the tax year at hand.

Jeanine can assist licensed attorneys with online legal and paralegal support such as reviewing their legal writings, editing for spelling and grammar, and preparing pleadings, trial notebooks, digests, memorandums, and reports as needed.