Cloud Accounting

Enjoy the quick, convenient, and accessible accounting at the tip of your finger with online accounting or remote accounting solutions.
analytics of data exposures in the cloud

Introducing Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting, also known as online accounting and bookkeeping, is the method of using software applications and computer hardware to complete accounting online. Information is sent to the cloud, processed, and returned to the user. Jeanine utilizes Intuit QuickBooks Online Accounting (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop Accounting (QBD) products, and can set-up and design an accounting and bookkeeping system based on your tax compliance and operational needs. She can then recommend remote accounting vendor services, payroll services, contractors services, billing services, payment services, depreciation/fixed assets services, etc., as is appropriate for your businesses, your owner preferences, and compliance requirements. Your selected vendors and contractors will include IT support in utilizing their software products.

Cloud accounting with QuickBooks Online (where you own your software license), or with our office QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Service for you (reports uploaded monthly for your client review and telephone check-up) offers many benefits for both entrepreneurs and their accountants and other advisors. They can collaborate better and work together more accurately. It gives all sides of your financial advisory team greater insight into the numbers and cash flow with its anywhere accessibility, advanced security technology, live updates, and bug fixes along with real-time facts and figures.

Farewell to Paperwork

Cloud accounting takes paperwork out of the online accounting and bookkeeping equation for both entrepreneurs and their accountants. Everything is stored in cloud services and apps. This means that it takes less time for business owners and their accountants to find, file, and analyze documents. When compared to traditional accounting methods, cloud accounting is a no-hassle paper solution. It’s also efficient and green.

Real-Time Facts and Figures

Business owners can update online accounting and bookkeeping data in real-time. This keeps the information up-to-date and allows accountants to work with the current facts and figures. Both entrepreneurs and their accountants get a true snapshot and more insight of what’s currently happening in the financial arena. Reconciling bank statements each month, or engaging Jeanine to do so, ensures that your figures are accurate for your financial statements (reports). Jeanine's Accounting 4 Business LLC cloud accounting services includes monthly telephone reviews of your financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit & loss statement) so that you can understand your operations from a management perspective.

Outsourcing CFO services gives you the ability to get the online accounting and bookkeeping guidance you need on developing management plans that will make your company profitable. It provides you with financial management leadership without having to pay a full-time salary and benefits. Jeanine Buben, MT, EA is available to help your business in exactly this way. Jeanine Buben, MT, EA can help you build an accounting plan with tax considerations for your future, protecting your assets while at the same time creating long-term goals designed for success.

Jeanine Buben, MT, EA, doing business as Accounting 4 Business LLC, will use her high-level accounting and finance skills to advance your company’s online accounting and bookkeeping system with optional but recommended tax compliance support, giving you the kind of financial management that you thought you could not afford without hiring a full-time CFO. Referrals for specialists such as financial planners, tax attorneys, and auditors can be researched and provided based on client specifications.

Working with Jeanine Buben, MT, EA is an exercise in taking control of your business’ future. Jeanine will meet with you to create an online accounting and bookkeeping plan that starts with the current quarter and looks to build and improve for years to come. Jeanine's remote services may include helping you with budget creation, cash flow management, senior-level financial decision making, creating a tax strategy, and reviewing all of your insurance policies via carrier referrals in order to ensure that you are well-protected. By paying meticulous attention to detail and making sure that you understand what is happening with your accounting process and tax compliance plan at every turn, Jeanine Buben, MT, EA will make sure that our role as part-time chief financial officer translates into full-time confidence.

Jeanine has a deep understanding of Online QuickBooks (and Desktop QuickBooks), and how it can improve efficiency and accuracy for your financial reporting requirements, and has used it to help countless businesses. She is familiar with the additional Intuit vendor services options, and can review them with clients seeking them either in lieu of their own employee services, or in addition to their own staff services. Additionally, she offers her tax expertise so that clients can add tax planning and tax compliance services to their year-round cloud accounting engagements.

QuickBooks (owned by Intuit company) offers a number of highly valuable online accounting and bookkeeping digital features for small and mid-sized companies, as well as for corporate departments of large companies. These features include the ability to send out invoices, scan receipts, track sales revenues and organize your expenses in a way that allows you to stay informed easily through online accounting business management. It will run your employee payroll system, enable payments in storefront, online and mobile environments and generate real-time financial reports whenever you need them. Perhaps most importantly, QuickBooks will eliminate the kind of costly mistakes and delays that plague so many businesses, both on a day-to-day basis and when it comes time to prepare your taxes. The QuickBooks online accounting and bookkeeping program synchronizes tasks across multiple devices and platforms, providing virtual accounting solutions, enabling for greater efficiency, accuracy and accessibility.

Jeanine has been providing business accounting services for 36 plus years, working directly with clients and service vendors in order to enhance their chances for online accounting and remote tax compliance success. She has a practical expertise in advising and consulting with commercial clients and owners in setting up businesses with appropriate accounting and tax management tools, QuickBooks accounting systems, and tax compliance accounts required. Jeanine has a deep understanding of QuickBooks and how it can improve efficiency and accuracy, and have used it to help countless businesses. In addition to the improvements that QuickBooks can make within your organization, it also makes it possible to transmit important information directly to your team and accountant or other financial advisors in real time, making it possible to take advantage of Jeanine's online accounting and bookkeeping, plus payroll compliance and tax compliance, expertise and knowledge that much more quickly and efficiently.

Jeanine's virtual accounting solutions can provide:

  • QuickBooks setup and chart of accounts design relevant to your specific industry, company, owner preferences, and integrating with your tax compliance requirements, that can save you hours of trying to figure out the initial installation and design of your chart of accounts for yourself.

  • Monthly consulting for QuickBooks that helps you and your employees operate all of the program’s functions and take advantage of all of its benefits.

  • QuickBooks Tips is a collection of shortcuts and hints that will help you make the most of your QuickBooks experience.

  • Monthly bank reconciliations with financial statements (reports) review via telephone to discuss operations results.

If you would like more information on how Jeanine's online accounting with payroll compliance and tax compliance knowledge and experience can help your business grow, save on taxes and build a secure future, contact Jeanine's virtual office today at or (616) 430-5231 (texting and voicemails accepted). Jeanine will tell you how our online accounting services via QuickBooks and her tax compliance focus can help you. She will provide a free telephone needs interview followed up with an offer and pricing options.